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Trans-Siberian Train Journey

From Beijing to St Petersburg by Train
September 19 to October 11, 2001

Flag of Russia

China | Mongolia | Irkutsk | Siberia | Moscow | St Petersburg

irkutsk01 irkutsk02 irkutsk03 irkutsk04 irkutsk05
irkutsk01.jpg irkutsk02.jpg irkutsk03.jpg irkutsk04.jpg irkutsk05.jpg
irkutsk06 irkutsk07 irkutsk08 irkutsk09 irkutsk10
irkutsk06.jpg irkutsk07.jpg irkutsk08.jpg irkutsk09.jpg irkutsk10.jpg
irkutsk11 irkutsk12 irkutsk13
irkutsk11.jpg irkutsk12.jpg irkutsk13.jpg

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