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Flag of Mexico


3/29/04: The route begins in Ojinaga, passes through the city of Chihuahua, crosses the Sierra Tarahumara, and descends [westward] to the Sinaloa coast, via Los Mochis, winding up in Topolobampo.  The total length is 941 Kilometers, and there are 410 bridges in all. The longest bridge spans the Fuerte River (500 meters), and the highest one arches across the Chinipas River (90 meters). The rail line passes through 99 tunnels, with a total length of 21.2 kilometers; the longest one, 1.81 kilometers, is located at the border between the states of Chihuahua and Sinaloa. At its maximum height, the train reaches an elevation of 2,450 meters above sea level.

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